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"Living is...
anxiety. And pain."

"It's continuing to think, continuing to choose."

devil survivor sideblog of fun ☆

feel free to ask and submit me things!!


devil survivor idle sprites for all the playable characters + haru!

more under the cut! devil survivor 2 characters are also under the cut even though i posted them a while back because what the heck, i like seeing the two groups together


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The second half of DeSu2 palette memes~ All Daichis *v*)

Daichi in palette 2 for ezrodraws (I hope summer version is ok), Daichi in palette 15 for mangopops, and the last one is Daichi and DeSu2!MC with palette 19 (from another set) for 8bitbadguy

These were so fun to do aaa. I’ll start on the pokemon ones next time.


Lauren’s Abel fics are really good!! [x] [x]




Drew this for the cover art of the Daichi centric anthology that me and Lain have been organising (though she’s doing most of the work tbh). It feels like forever since I last drew my anime husband.

Now I just need more excuses to put Daichi in skirts and dresses. 


Devil Survivor 2 palette requests part 1. Airi with #10 for alcorholic, Jungo with #3 for aka-chin and Alcor with #7 for picorere


devil survivor speedpaints from my twitter

For palette meme Keisuke in 1 cus I'm still stuck in DeSu


tbh no one can escape DeSu www I haven’t drawn Keisuke is so long tho omg

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